Visitation 3852 2245 Marissa Glover

When Abraham came by after work
to pick up Isaac and said he was taking him
hunting on Mt. Moriah, Sarah cautioned them
to be careful—

look out for mountain lions, please
ticks are everywhere this time of year
make sure he keeps the knife
pointed away from his body

Abraham nodded like normal,
without a word about the visitation,
his divine mission. She would only laugh
at such crazy talk, call Child & Family Services.

I remember Sarah when you swing by
on Father’s Day for visitation.
You say you’re taking our son
fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, and I warn
about sunscreen, sharks,
barnacles that slice to the bone.

I press a bag of worms, wet and dirty
from the garden, into his small hand
and whisper—

If Daddy says he forgot
to bring bait, stick these on the hook
just like I showed you, careful
not to prick your skin, careful
not to leave tracks he can follow
when you wriggle away.

Header photograph © Lesley-Anne Evans.

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