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An Alt.Lit Introspective.

Barren Magazine is a literary publication that features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography for hard truths, long stares, and gritty lenses. We revel in the shadow-spaces that make up the human condition, and aim to find antitheses to that which defines us: light in darkness; beauty in ugliness; peace in disarray. We invite you to explore it with us.

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Publisher / Executive Editor
Jason D. Ramsey
Managing Editor
Lannie Stabile
Social Media Director
Flose Boursiquot
Visual Media Director
Chris Nielsen
Susan Mulder
Fiction Editor
Meagan Lucas
Poetry Editor
Claire Fallon
Poetry Editor
Madeleine Corley
Flash Fiction Editor
James McAdams
Associate Flash Fiction Editor
Katherine Tweedle
Creative Nonfiction Editor
Charlotte Hamrick
Associate Fiction Editor
Colin Griffith
Contributing Editor
Angie McCullagh
Contributing Editor
Jane Fleming
Contributing Editor
Leah Callen
Contributing Editor
Michael Akuchie
Contributing Editor
Amy Poague
Contributing Editor
alyssa hanna
Contributing Editor
Georgia Zouganeli
Contributing Editor
Amy Barnes


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