Elegy for Chris

Elegy for Chris

Elegy for Chris 1920 1440 Melissa Eleftherion Carr

At fifteen you showed me how to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge as though you grew up knowing how to trapeze your body across the sky; each time we found ourselves in a crowd of angry, fearing skinheads looking to beat down anyone who didn’t look like them we found ourselves asking questions and calling out hate; you were the calm voice of reason to my aggressive “punch first, ask questions later” attitude; you, clad in your omnipresent Overkill teeshirt and red flannel smiling and saying c’mon don’t be mad there’s pizza saying c’mon the lights are dancing and we can waltz through it this pain this mercurial time of being a teenager on the edge of sorrow dipping our toes in and saying look how the rain does shine look it’s 1992 and all my friends are dead look I know you’re folding laundry & watching Kurt Loder on MTV but I just tried this new drug and discovered the meaning of life it’s all one, it’s the only truth and we sat on those astroturf fruit stands on 5th Avenue as it poured and poured and I watched as you became translucent in your quest to meet the center of everything

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