w/an Abundance of Caution

w/an Abundance of Caution 1600 1200 Alejandro Ruiz del Sol

Header photograph © Charlotte Hamrick. Untitled document


Palimpsest 750 983 Judith Kingston

In which joy and wonder are born out of darkness The bruises are gone but the ridges of your fingerprints can never be rubbed off by other, more gentle hands,…


Seme(n)tery 1920 1440 Marilee Goad

Trigger warning: depictions of sexual abuse   You bury your past between thighs open up secrets from graves disinterred lives saying kill the beast which does not look like you…

The Clothes I Was Wearing

The Clothes I Was Wearing 1920 1252 Sandy Ebner

October 31, 1976 It was just after two in the morning when I finally stepped outside the bar and paused to light a cigarette. Exhausted, I leaned against the wall…

Barn Fire, 1985

Barn Fire, 1985 1920 1440 Kevin Richard White

Back in October 1985, I woke up to the horses screaming. My parents weren’t home – they were spending the last of their paychecks line dancing and whiskey-tasting. They could…

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller 1920 1920 Tara Isabel Zambrano

Mother touches their face and blinks like Morse code. No one understands her. I translate and do the readings for our tribe. Sometimes she picks up her stick and hits…

Better Days are Coming

Better Days are Coming 1920 1339 Adele Winston

Mamma says when tears salt my face and every slap of ocean rises up to close my eyes. She squeezes me tight. So tight I taste the sweat of breast…

It’s Just That Sometimes I Feel Trapped

It’s Just That Sometimes I Feel Trapped 1449 720 Megan Neville

He refuses to eat vegetables from our garden, says nothing grown half a mile from a steel mill can be safe. What about me, then? But I, I refuse to…


Visitation 3852 2245 Marissa Glover

When Abraham came by after work to pick up Isaac and said he was taking him hunting on Mt. Moriah, Sarah cautioned them to be careful— look out for mountain…

Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold 3400 2550 Celeste Ramos

I’m never afraid of what’s ahead unless it’s a mirror showing me what’s behind I don’t fear monsters, I fear stoves I don’t fear muddy boots, I fear house slippers…


Drive 2208 1656 Kristin Garth

First time you say I’m driving off the bridge I hyperventilate and wonder how I will survive, on flowered tile, the ridged linoleum remains, caffeine-free brown, of soda spills, wet…

Images of Divinity

Images of Divinity 1328 889 Lindsay D'Andrea

we need a god who sits behind a keyboard in a dive bar every tuesday    wearing a glittery blue button-down shirt    to roast the patrons and regulars no one exempt…


Coyotes 3930 1850 Jeannie Prinsen

It’s mid-morning when I walk the back road. Sunlight speckles through the leafy branches, its warmth burning the dew off ferns. And then I hear the coyotes call from deep…

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