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Barren Magazine reserves one-time, archival, and promotional publishing rights to authors’ accepted content. One-time publishing rights include all mediums (electronic, print, etc.) as applicable. Archival publishing rights allow content to remain on indefinitely. Promotional publishing rights include excerpts on social media platforms for purposes of expanding and engaging audiences. Barren Magazine accepts simultaneous submissions, and will forfeit rights before publication at authors’ request if content is first printed elsewhere. Barren Magazine does not reserve exclusive rights — authors maintain ownership of their content and may seek subsequent publication elsewhere. Barren Magazine prefers previously unpublished content, but may accept previously published material as long as authors own its copyright and provide appropriate attribution. Barren Magazine runs all written content through plagiarism checkers before publication. As such, Barren Magazine cannot be held responsible in any case of plagiarism or copyright infringement. If any published material is reported as plagiarized or infringed (plagiarism checkers aren’t perfect), the content in question will be investigated, and, if found to be fraudulent, will be removed. Barren Magazine absolutely will not tolerate fraud of any kind.

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