Issue No.14

“For Issue 14, we tried something new. We dedicated an entire issue (except for one photo) to one photographer — Liz Baronofsky. The diverse, artistic nature of her shots have somehow helped to make this issue more cohesive overall. The look and feel is vast, and is a testament to Liz’s talent behind the lens. Liz also happens to be a neonatal intensive care nurse, and we are absolutely thrilled and blessed to be able to showcase the work of a front-line healthcare worker in unprecedented times like these. It makes this issue even more special. I was fortunate to interview Liz (virtually, of course), and on behalf of both of us we would like to dedicate this issue to everyone who has been affected by our global state. Stay safe.”           

— Jason D. Ramsey, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief



Cover photograph by Liz Baronofsky.

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