We are just getting started in nominating for a number of different writing and photography awards around the globe. Here is a comprehensive list of our Awards Nominees:

2019 Best of the Net Nominations

“Mother of Blood and Bone”, Aremu Adams Adebisi (Poetry)
“De Consolatione ad Kamil: On Death”, Kamil Ahsan (Creative Nonfiction)
“You Don’t Have to Feel It”, Sara Hills (Fiction)
“Midwestern Gothic”, Sadie Shuck Hinkel (Poetry)
“What they do to people like me where I’m from”, Adrian Ibarra (Poetry)
“Belly Up”, Naomie Jean-Pierre (Poetry)
“appalachian gods don’t believe in me”, Matt Mitchell (Poetry)
“Sometimes I Think About Death and it Kills Me”, Riley Morsman (Creative Nonfiction)
“Apologia, America”, Todd Smith (Poetry)
“All Their Painted Faces”, Vanessa Taylor (Fiction)

2018 Pushcart Prize Nominations

“Death is the Color White”, Lydia Durunguma (Flash Fiction)
“Growing Up Polack”, John Guzlowski (Creative Nonfiction)
“Letters to a Dead Racehorse #6, #8”, Jill Mceldowney (Poetry)
“Nationalism”, Frederick Pollack (Poetry)
“Rattle”, Julie Rea (Fiction)
“Dead Leaves”, Erin Emily Ann Vance (Poetry)