what is a human being?

what is a human being?

what is a human being? 1920 1920 Paxton Grey

remember / all humans / are cyborgs / all cyborgs / are sharp shards of sky / wrapped in meat

-Franny Choi


like a toothache / a human being can be worn enamel / or a tongue / we are radioactive in a sense /
i mean that we are dead-alive and infectious / carefully probing and measuring a half-life

both eyes flood with overlapping and kaleidoscopic color / and so the brain makes pictures / this is
why we play pretend / paint our shards of sky with meat / unsee

a clear rain drop colliding with the surface of a salty brine / lightning excavated and refilled / each
charged particle rearranged by anyone at all / ions flow across membranes

flow into mouths opened to catch snowflakes / each its own shape / that shatters against a body’s
heat / sweet in its annihilation

Header photograph © Bradley Branson.

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