w/an Abundance of Caution

w/an Abundance of Caution

w/an Abundance of Caution 1600 1200 Alejandro Ruiz del Sol

from my bedroom window I see

those kids sitting on the edge

of that rusty water tower
looking off into that distance
just swamps and marshes over there

that’d be unique for them

that vantage point

they’re probably seeing the
sun set — their faces
look so golden from down here

that’ll make for a good memory, good
for them

someday —
I thought I’d climb that tower, see the land myself,


yet the rust and heavy greenery frighten me

and I’ve been


distracted by low hanging flowers


so abundant you could hide between the petals


So much — I’ve

wasted time. Now

move towards that tower — I’ll

burn that damn
tower down. the sun too if I could


I want no more shame for

that lumpy bed I lay in

the lonely spaces I pace — making good
plans, adventures I won’t take

my own fault / it’s my own fault

Then, I’ll force my body up at night
the heat makes it easy and go directly
into those marshes and swamps the
kids were seeing

with hope
for an alligator to
give my body purpose

Header photograph © Charlotte Hamrick.

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