Thump, 4032 3024 Lauren Suchenski

Thump, the perpetual freezing /
Thump – the virulence, the
White-hot blaze of a heart under the tundra

Limestone, basalt heart of memory –
Heart of throughline gone relative at the edges
Gone relatively nowhere
Except farther than the eye can trace – than the race
Can be graced back

Longer than the time it takes to hurricane out
The faultlines /

The fissures
In your face
I never watched develop

The fumbling in my verbiage
I never learned to claim

Thump – the residue, the meltwater,
The cascade – archeaoligal heart – little fossil
Record of the memories i can’t remember

The radiance of radio-carbon dating
Of the dating of two daring bits of bravery
Boldly chasing youth as it dips over the eastern seaboard
The date, I can’t remember
The face, I am getting fuzzy (i do not own my vision of you anymore)
The furniture, is all but muddled wood and fragments
But the endless repeating
Thump of the perpetually frozen
Of that heart – those moments – those mummified mirrors
(reflecting nothing
Rehashing everything
Rehearsing nearer and nearer
To only the echo
Of a sound
Of a thump
Still vibrating
At a volume
I can no longer hear
(and yet i strain)

Header photograph © Matthew Yates.

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