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The Man Who Could Work Miracles

by Ace Boggess

London Film Productions, 1936

“Stand there and look beautiful until I notice you.”

—a line from the film


If I could transform matter with a word or two,
Erasing bullets, blemishes & sprains,
You’d stand there & look beautiful until I noticed you.

No small efforts, how I craft a great hullaballoo;
Rid us of poverty, illness, acid rains,
Transforming matter with a word or two.

& you, it’s you I’d use my sorcery to woo
With jewels & silk. I’d utilize my brains,
While you stood there, beautiful, until I noticed you.

The Generals, I’d whisk them off to Timbuktu
(for peace) however much some President complains.
I’d do what matters with a word or two.

Yet, Mercy! Say you’d never love me, too?
I’d shout—past magic, though your will remains—
“Just stand there & look beautiful until I notice you!”

Doubt I’d ever want so much Alakazoo!
Truckloads of trouble as fervor wanes.
But, in the other matter, here’s a word or two:
Standing there, you’re beautiful. I do. I notice you.

Header photograph © Jason D. Ramsey.

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