The End of All Things

The End of All Things

The End of All Things 1920 1080 Jason D. Ramsey

Dear Readers:

Yes, we are still here. I want to thank each of you for your patience.

I have long had a terrible self-image, and I do not take well to disappointing others. I go through spells where I am unaffected by it, and others where it consumes me. For over three months, I have been consumed by it. I am deeply sorry for the delay in publishing this issue. Failure to publish this (anywhere near) on time has kept me up nights and wrecked me. I have a bad habit of overextending myself, and this time it caught up with me. This was almost the end of all things.

Since September I have worked two demanding full-time jobs (long story), taken a Master’s level class, coached youth travel baseball, and navigated worsening family (physical and mental health) challenges. I am silent from guilt when I fail, and this is why I’ve been away. No excuses. I want to extend my deepest apologies to all contributors, Barren Masthead members, and literary family for the unforgiveable delay. I appreciate those of you who are still with us.

I hope you enjoy Barren Magazine Issue 21. Our editors did a phenomenal job selecting and readying these perfect-for-Barren pieces. ‘Rebirth’ is just that — a new beginning for us, for our future, and (hopefully) for the future of literary magazines and journals.

Love to you all,

Jason D. Ramsey
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief
Barren Magazine

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  • We put so much pressure on ourselves to do so much when really the best life moments happen when we let go of the things we can when times are tough. After years of a similar story, I just discovered this myself. I decided (very reluctantly) to take a break from graduate school and photography. I decided to trust to be guided by a power higher than myself.

    Just passing this along because I felt compelled to. I’d anything, just so you know someone can relate.

    You’re doing the best you can. And sometimes our best is too much for certain seasons of life.

    First Time coming to this website, btw!

  • Dear Jason:

    I hope this day, this week is an easier time. We all so appreciate you and your team. Sending you all my best in gratitude and respect.


    Karen Keefe

  • Francesca Leader 11/27/2022 at 7:44 am

    We all deeply appreciate this beautiful thing you and your team have put together, Jason. Well worth the wait. Wishing you a smoother path ahead.

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