January 1920 1440 Grant Clauser

Winter’s heart is tired, the center of the season something that beats only when the wind knocks against it the way a window cracks when birds mistake its shine for…

Winter Sweeps Away the Old

Winter Sweeps Away the Old 1920 1134 Marilyn Duarte

It was early March—not yet spring, but not entirely winter—when you stopped eating. There were still traces of snow on the ground when you stopped talking. O inverno limpa os…


Re-placing 1920 1405 Jason Jackson

March 2018. For a few days, the weather in England, especially the south-west, goes crazy. There’s snow – an almost unprecedented amount of it – everywhere. Everything is closed. There’s…

Owl-and-Wolf-Infested Lands

Owl-and-Wolf-Infested Lands 1920 1440 Jack B. Bedell

—after Bachelin Always an angry wind. Sky like smeared ink. Marsh grass bent away as salt water creeps in through the canal. Cypress knots poked up along the path, no…

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