Apologia, America

Apologia, America 1920 1440 Todd Smith

Listen: it’s raining ash. The one holding his nose tight in blueish kleenex is your dead neighbor’s only certified son,   heir to eleven thumbs and a language made of…

War Crimes

War Crimes 1920 1229 Bronwen Griffiths

I The endless sifting of papers. The noting of names and dates. The cross-checking, referencing, the words, photographs, videos, recordings and interviews. The tears. The coffees, the discussions, the sadness.…

This boy saw something in fire

This boy saw something in fire 1920 1440 Afopefoluwa Ojo

October 13th, 1966 Carl Wisconsin c/o Nipost 711 Nulla St. Mankato Mississippi Dear Carl, I found your address in the name-change section of a foreign newspaper. But asides the section…

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