Common Time

Common Time 1920 1440 Haley Campbell

I am learning the business of being loved, the way always lingers on the tongue after it’s spoken more than once. There is a rhythm to it, the banality of…

End of Year

End of Year 3264 2176 Anne McMaster

From here, you can see the fabric of the year scuffed raw and worn thin around a grey horizon’s fine and unforgiving rim. Today the sun is light and empty;…

The Tetris Effect

The Tetris Effect 1920 1080 Amy Charlotte Kean

What damage can be done with two black eyes? Real destruction, like the planes of nine eleven Like a blunt twig, snapped in half and lobbed to heaven or some…


Thump, 4032 3024 Lauren Suchenski

Thump, the perpetual freezing / Thump – the virulence, the White-hot blaze of a heart under the tundra Limestone, basalt heart of memory – Heart of throughline gone relative at…

Original Wisdom

Original Wisdom 1600 1200 Lesley-Anne Evans

My grandparents’ kitchen was indelibly turquoise their laminate countertops hosted black currant jam parties berries picked, cooked, poured into paraffin topped jars and plunged into hot water baths to save…

With Or Without You

With Or Without You 1920 953 Jeanna Paden

I remember the way February looks after midnight— jigsaw lines of houses, small front yards the rain crawling along the ground, turning to ice speaking blacktop cracks into existence. I…

perhaps the sea

perhaps the sea 1920 1440 Chris Wheeler

Foaming and violent as the wave, we echo of beatings taken on shores unknown or known too well. The sea is as young as it is sage, as seasoned in…

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