A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself

A Girl Buys Lilies for Herself 2500 1406 Priyanka Sacheti

She knows that there is something wrong with her when there have been no flowers in her house for weeks. The air smells of uninhabited hearts and crushed moths and…

Spiders in the Fall

Spiders in the Fall 2500 1406 Sally Thomas

Dara’s house was old and porous. In September, in the waning warm days, the spiders claimed it for their own. They loved the north side of the house, where the…

The Early Rain

The Early Rain 2000 1333 Stephen Briseño

creates a snare drum throbbing eighteenth notes on my roof for a solid ten minutes. A bag of spilt pellets dancing on linoleum. On repeat. What gets me though is…

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