To Lie With Silence

To Lie With Silence 1280 1920 Jamie A. Hughes

This dewdrop world— Is a dewdrop world, And yet, and yet… —Kobayashi Issa * Every night before sleep, I turn on a fan. Sometimes multiple ones. Ceiling and bedside. Pedestal…

Common Time

Common Time 1920 1440 Haley Campbell

I am learning the business of being loved, the way always lingers on the tongue after it’s spoken more than once. There is a rhythm to it, the banality of…

Silent Chaos

Silent Chaos 1920 960 Jayant Kashyap

after Vera Iliatova’s ‘Reconciliations’ (2014) What do you think when you see people running? — Sometimes it’s just chaos, sometimes the other way round — happiness, excitement to just discuss…

Boy Echo

Boy Echo 2075 1167 Michael Akuchie

boy is single      boy is a no-name town     he kisses death welcome or desolation      boy is allergic to sunlight      boy wears darkness on a starry…

The Early Rain

The Early Rain 2000 1333 Stephen Briseño

creates a snare drum throbbing eighteenth notes on my roof for a solid ten minutes. A bag of spilt pellets dancing on linoleum. On repeat. What gets me though is…

Silent No More

Silent No More 1000 505 Ann Christine Tabaka

The silence of a thousand years is broken with a whisper, emanating from the heartbeat of oppression. Time can no longer restrain truth. It breaks open sins of the past.…


Ghosts 1080 1920 Susan Mulder

There is within a longing for the deep hours. Ones where entire days disappear in a blink and worlds are discovered, word by word. Those simmering moments when day paints…

the silence is very clear

the silence is very clear 1920 1440 Darren C. Demaree

i told my children the silence is very clear there is less sorrow in the world than there could be we are upon the fog and not under it we…

the silence

the silence 4032 3024 Andrew Lafleche

there is the silence to be thankful for there are shooting stars and pulsing satellites the dogs don’t bark into the night, that’s a plus still, they stare at me…

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