Triad 1920 1229 Kim Fahner

Glance, without words, but with averted eyes. Clouds, with wind, but without silvered rain. Longing, without logic, but with blood singing. Header photograph © Andrew Hall.

End of Year

End of Year 3264 2176 Anne McMaster

From here, you can see the fabric of the year scuffed raw and worn thin around a grey horizon’s fine and unforgiving rim. Today the sun is light and empty;…


Underground 1920 1080 Daniel Cowper

Strap-hanging in a subway car with other commuters, swaying. Bumping hips like pickles shaken in a jar at each bend. Wheels abrade the air. Jiggling portraits on plexiglass show men…


Cinematheque 5248 2952 Daniel Cowper

All I really want: to hide between the sheets of my childhood bed, sleep until the sun stops coming up. Could I walk home if I had to, if things…

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