Coming Home

Coming Home 3264 2448 Laure Van Rensburg

Three hours and ten minutes before I can leave. Outside, it’s your favourite time of day. Those early hours that neither truly belong to night nor day when the upper…

The Delicate Art of Ikebana

The Delicate Art of Ikebana 1920 1440 Cathy Ulrich

If I were a florist in Japan, I would like flowering plum best, the paleness of it. It represents hope, you know, I would say to my customers, who would…

A Loud Message

A Loud Message 1920 1440 Hannah Calkin

My friends, we say happily ever after ss something to clutch at– For longer than a year, or two, whenever the honeymoon becomes foreign sand. I say it doesn’t mean…


Ex-Stasis 4032 2583 Kelly Belmonte

I stand outside my self You across the table drinking something bitter – Me slouched diagonally, stirring what’s in my cup, stirring what’s on my mind or yours. Here I…

Between Dreaming

Between Dreaming 1920 1283 Ray Ball

I lie. I lay awake with a fig in my belly. I am hungry still for the lies we tell each other. Sweet fruit. I lie with whispers into your…

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