Seme(n)tery 1920 1440 Marilee Goad

Trigger warning: depictions of sexual abuse   You bury your past between thighs open up secrets from graves disinterred lives saying kill the beast which does not look like you…

Mother of Blood and Bone

Mother of Blood and Bone 1440 1920 Aremu Adams Adebisi

When father wanted to take a new wife, he sang mother her panegyrics, bought her the finest boubous from a local shop, traced her wrinkled face, her feverish hands, then…


Kintsugi 1920 1465 Devon R. Ortega

When you are broken, you can feel the cracks and fissures with the tip of your tongue, you run your fingertips over the gaps reading the braille of what’s hurt…

But It Did Happen

But It Did Happen 1920 1390 Kristin Garth

and they will bring you medicine, bald spots beige suits, the other ones, averting eyes, grind teeth between pink cotton polka dots. You sniff their bouquets poppies, powderized to chase…

The Buzz

The Buzz 1920 1229 Angie McCullagh

Every day after school, I visit the nest. I walk a hundred feet out the back door, then under a thick awning of evergreens, crushing milkweed and wildflowers and mushrooms…

Lepidoptera Breaks

Lepidoptera Breaks 1440 1920 Anna O'Brien

I broke my right collarbone falling off a horse. Bucked, rather. She bucked me off. An act of violent defiance, after knowing me a whole thirty minutes. Clearly, a decision…

Cartilage, An Elegy

Cartilage, An Elegy 1920 1080 Brennan Sprague

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. -Kurt Vonnegut Our separate selves whiplashed into twin stupors when we finally found your lost dog—her wet tongue sunk in the crater of this…

Hilltop Chats

Hilltop Chats 1920 1440 Samuel V. Mariano

We sit together atop a hill overlooking the expanse before us covered in patches of white flowers. The air is sweet to our senses; a mid-spring day. We share small…

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