Mother of Blood and Bone

Mother of Blood and Bone 1440 1920 Aremu Adams Adebisi

When father wanted to take a new wife, he sang mother her panegyrics, bought her the finest boubous from a local shop, traced her wrinkled face, her feverish hands, then…

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller 1920 1920 Tara Isabel Zambrano

Mother touches their face and blinks like Morse code. No one understands her. I translate and do the readings for our tribe. Sometimes she picks up her stick and hits…


-cide 1920 1440 Sprout Conner

I know my mother loves me. She tucks me in each night, puts the thick wool blankets over my face, her voice wasp-like as she reads The Little Match Girl.…

At a Restaurant the Night My Son Died

At a Restaurant the Night My Son Died 1920 1152 Chanel Brenner

I sat across from him, shooting his portrait with my phone. His charcoal sweatshirt faded into the dark booth. He played tic-tac-toe in the dim light. I should have known…

Chinese Bleeding on a Friday

Chinese Bleeding on a Friday 1920 1471 Peter Ngila

Your mami first appeared to you on a Friday morning, three hours after her death. Minutes before, your classmate Nzeli’s bad news, that your mother had given birth and bled…

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