mental illness

Delirium, After Plath

Delirium, After Plath 1920 1327 Gilberte O'Sullivan

I thank her too early, the woman who has brought me tea in a broken handle cup that was once my mother’s. It’s plain orange pekoe, the kind that ails…

The Doctor of Electric Dreams

The Doctor of Electric Dreams 1920 1080 Jake Bailey

After Wallace Stevens’ “The Emperor of Ice-Cream” Call the roller of straightjackets, The muscular one, and bid him sling In Dixie cups cylindric pills. Let the nurses needle in such…


Drive 2208 1656 Kristin Garth

First time you say I’m driving off the bridge I hyperventilate and wonder how I will survive, on flowered tile, the ridged linoleum remains, caffeine-free brown, of soda spills, wet…