Hamilton Mountain Access

Hamilton Mountain Access 4032 2139 Carl Watts

Access this light-chocolate path, caramel, peanut butter, chocolate chips, little milk; drab growth, spider plants tumbled slowly out of the top of a project volcano’s uneven brown. Red flecks, too…


Landscape 634 506 DS Maolalai

I lie, ribs caved in and cracked up like shattered shipping pallets, smashed and battered, dropped in the yard of an industrial estate, forgotten about out of the way somewhere,…

Owl-and-Wolf-Infested Lands

Owl-and-Wolf-Infested Lands 1920 1440 Jack B. Bedell

—after Bachelin Always an angry wind. Sky like smeared ink. Marsh grass bent away as salt water creeps in through the canal. Cypress knots poked up along the path, no…