It’s Just That Sometimes I Feel Trapped

It’s Just That Sometimes I Feel Trapped 1449 720 Megan Neville

He refuses to eat vegetables from our garden, says nothing grown half a mile from a steel mill can be safe. What about me, then? But I, I refuse to…

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance 3264 2448 Jayne Martin

Lights blaze from above day and night, but give none of the sun’s warmth. Around me the littlest ones grab onto the metal fence, cry out “Mama,” “Papa,” and look…

Images of Divinity

Images of Divinity 1328 889 Lindsay D'Andrea

we need a god who sits behind a keyboard in a dive bar every tuesday    wearing a glittery blue button-down shirt    to roast the patrons and regulars no one exempt…

Urban Boys & the Blues

Urban Boys & the Blues 4013 3010 Shirley Jones-Luke

No, they are not all-American boys, but black & brown shadows, shaping their futures, wishing for magic No, they are not powerless, not broken by an unjust society, making them…

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