Litany in Which Forgiveness is Granted to All Things Above and Below

Litany in Which Forgiveness is Granted to All Things Above and Below 1920 1229 Samuel J. Fox

Always the twilight: a burning car crash. Always the car crash towed away by the moon. Always the stars gather and grind their way to some rhythm we think we…

History & the Doomed

History & the Doomed 2000 1125 Amee Nassrene Broumand

Curb corners accumulate dandelions, cigarettes, & skeletons, compliments of the whirlwind as it keens through errant sunbeams. Antennae twitch at smashed gears. I nudge a broken spider with my toe,…

The Beetle

The Beetle 2796 2448 Rebecca Kokitus

all broken and yellow as antique things tend to be there is beauty in oxidation, in the elements eating through metal like larvae         through leaf the smell…


Corpus 2462 1025 Hannah Larrabee

The mummified body of Ötzi, “the Iceman” from the Copper Age was found in the Italian Alps in 1991. So, you will not show me your hands again, how they…


Heat 5312 2988 Marisa Silva-Dunbar

At thirty-three I transformed into the sorceress of eternal summer. It’s cliché to say a man broke the spell—that I couldn’t find the way out of winter myself, but he…

No Better Past

No Better Past 2500 1667 Alex Smith

Sometimes, we find better selves like lost toys, as if we’ve dusted cobwebs to reveal old ribcaged hearts garbed in younger, rawer flesh that didn’t scar didn’t callous didn’t let…

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