Re-placing 1920 1405 Jason Jackson

March 2018. For a few days, the weather in England, especially the south-west, goes crazy. There’s snow – an almost unprecedented amount of it – everywhere. Everything is closed. There’s…

Silent Chaos

Silent Chaos 1920 960 Jayant Kashyap

after Vera Iliatova’s ‘Reconciliations’ (2014) What do you think when you see people running? — Sometimes it’s just chaos, sometimes the other way round — happiness, excitement to just discuss…


Rattle 1920 1440 Julie Rea

I taped flyers to the maple trees that lined both sides of the street. Your gap-toothed smile stared back at me, crooked school tie, and favourite pink bow. I only had one…

End of Year

End of Year 3264 2176 Anne McMaster

From here, you can see the fabric of the year scuffed raw and worn thin around a grey horizon’s fine and unforgiving rim. Today the sun is light and empty;…

The Red Curtain

The Red Curtain 955 619 Kevin McManus

James Madigan got out of the car and looked around. To his right he could see the imprints left where children had frolicked and carved out snow angels. The hollows…


Coyotes 3930 1850 Jeannie Prinsen

It’s mid-morning when I walk the back road. Sunlight speckles through the leafy branches, its warmth burning the dew off ferns. And then I hear the coyotes call from deep…

Those Who Chose Death

Those Who Chose Death 3402 1556 Julie Dibble

Gray cloud spray Creeping over the light of day Dimming plans Tied hands Hearts Broken and bound They see half-gone Never to be found Wishing they were dug deep Under…

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