Ecce Angus Dei

Ecce Angus Dei 1920 1064 Jennifer Wilson

Behold the Lamb of God as chasing downhill butterflies behind its own lolloping head it croons in yellow tides like flowers flushed red when pressed, when cut. White wool turns…

I Will Not Waste You

I Will Not Waste You 1656 2208 Katelyn Delvaux

The pink of your thighs folding in is the conch I hold to my mouth and the soft curve of your body a bell to my ear. Sickness washes in…


Corpus 2462 1025 Hannah Larrabee

The mummified body of Ötzi, “the Iceman” from the Copper Age was found in the Italian Alps in 1991. So, you will not show me your hands again, how they…

Drinking Coffee on a Friday Evening

Drinking Coffee on a Friday Evening 1920 1440 Stephen Briseño

It’s a strange thought that when you die your hair stops with your body. Your fingernails too. It’s not just a not-breathing that happens, but a not-growing. And I can’t…

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