History & the Doomed

History & the Doomed 2000 1125 Amee Nassrene Broumand

Curb corners accumulate dandelions, cigarettes, & skeletons, compliments of the whirlwind as it keens through errant sunbeams. Antennae twitch at smashed gears. I nudge a broken spider with my toe,…


Drought 3840 1945 Cate McGowan

No clouds clasp onto the hilltops, and the bony trees drop brown leaves curled like fists this summer noonday. Across the way, a pileated woodpecker crawls an oak, plucks at…

Ghosts of Birds

Ghosts of Birds 1920 1440 Jack B. Bedell

—Antieau Gallery, NOLA So few bones amongst the stars they are like stars themselves floating against dark sky, their flight peaceful, impossibly buoyant, featherless. What could live sparrows do to…

Bird Study

Bird Study 1440 1920 Kimberly Dawn Stuart

—gold has been struck in Buenos Aires, to the west   I Roosters disregard the sun, scream at mountains that long ago emptied their bosoms to milk the earth. Now…

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