Toy Box

Toy Box 2500 1406 Asher

A Note from the Editor: Many of the photographs you will see in this issue are from Asher — no last name, simply as is. Asher is a sculptor from…

Everything Beautiful

Everything Beautiful 2500 1667 Jeremy Lane

Open your eyes and gather yourself. Understand your surroundings. Witness the beauty of what’s been created and understand the depth of the Aspen roots, constantly moving further into the heart…


Marigold 1920 1080 Katie Karnehm-Esh

Mornings in Uganda are first the color of periwinkles, then roses, then suddenly a shot of brightest marigold. I watch it from my doorstep, listening. The caws of bright equatorial…

Loving June

Loving June 3950 2962 Motunrayo Adeneye

Let the world know to whom i belong, for my eyes are hers and there lies her beauty, she is as dazzling as the moon, brighter like the morning star,…

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

The Man Who Could Work Miracles 4752 3168 Ace Boggess

London Film Productions, 1936 “Stand there and look beautiful until I notice you.” —a line from the film   If I could transform matter with a word or two, Erasing…

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