Against the Sky

Against the Sky 1920 1280 Lee Potts

Tiny, new habits of muscle hitch my hand and pen and encrypt each word as it’s put to paper. Lines in the letters tend to angle off for no reason…

The Beetle

The Beetle 2796 2448 Rebecca Kokitus

all broken and yellow as antique things tend to be there is beauty in oxidation, in the elements eating through metal like larvae         through leaf the smell…


displaced 1520 1387 Madeleine Corley

autumn smells of an ashen orange leaf stretching on its cot of morning dew. i lift my window for the embers floating in the air. the Midwest has a kind…

The Wind Plays Tricks On Me In September

The Wind Plays Tricks On Me In September 1920 1440 Elisabeth Horan

Long are the rhythms of pain in the fall– Single leaves upon the wind float then flip, I assume them dead kin: a tree frog a thrush a red squirrel…

On This Autumn Equinox

On This Autumn Equinox 4000 3000 Lisa Stice

may the night cool the day into a fog, dripping from trees and roof’s overhang by morning may I wake to the heron sounding its long note as the sun…

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