Anxiety in a High-Rise

Anxiety in a High-Rise 1920 1080 Jeanna Paden

the stairwell smells like a barbeque joint tonight and also a joint; lightbulb on the last flight of stairs is out and if the broken doorknob at the bottom of…

no fresh air

no fresh air 1920 1440 Mathew Yates

could you put away the window? the light is arrogant & i’m too obedient to hear orders & not follow, i’d stare straight into the sun if i thought the…

At the Threshold of Carnal Anxiety

At the Threshold of Carnal Anxiety 1920 1006 Z.M. Wise

Falling through broken trapdoors, this oubliette lets me glimpse at the light that was promised centuries ago. Tapestries of nobility hung over the clouds of dust in an attempt to…

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