How Do You Call It When

How Do You Call It When 1920 1106 Rodd Whelpley

nothing apparently is imminent, but the extra weight; the hair increasingly, if not the texture, then the hue of the bristles in the wire brush you used to scrape the…

To a Grandfather

To a Grandfather 1276 1920 Kaitlin Ruiz

I was not appointed anything so linear as a form like yours, nothing so costly as your eyes—mine are little departures, stained where yours had been basins, washed over white.…

Winter Sweeps Away the Old

Winter Sweeps Away the Old 1920 1134 Marilyn Duarte

It was early March—not yet spring, but not entirely winter—when you stopped eating. There were still traces of snow on the ground when you stopped talking. O inverno limpa os…

Ugly Shoes

Ugly Shoes 1920 1080 Jacqueline Doyle

Crazy Shoes When I was in my twenties I had all kinds of crazy shoes. Sandals with six-inch cork platforms that wobbled. Rope-soled espadrilles with laces that criss-crossed up my…

I am not as old

I am not as old 1920 1440 Robert Alan Rife

No, I am not as old as the wilting membrane of earth – the skin of her secrets, too tightly breast-held and leaky. No, I am not as old as…

Quail Keeping

Quail Keeping 1920 1276 Elizabeth Felicetti

The first time I see him after his ten-hour surgery, we sit in stuffed chairs in their living room where we’ve sat many times before. But I’ve never seen him…

Morning Sex

Morning Sex 2448 2448 Mark Jackley

We are pushing sixty. Like snails, when we bloom out of ourselves to spy the garden through our blindness we are dancing slowly, alert to the flaming intentions of the…

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