Sonnet on I-75

Sonnet on I-75

Sonnet on I-75 1920 1081 Karla Linn Merrifield

Alligator Alley in the dead of October night
is the flat-out loneliest-ever ribbon of highway running
between the lost-gold coasts of my naked heart.

Beneath Orion’s gleam, Everglades’ swamps and sloughs breathe
fresh water across these middle-of-nowhere lanes
as if offering second-breaths for my naked heart.

Under the full Hunter’s Moon, Florida panthers are prowling
razor-barricaded from manslaughter, but a man can crash
right through the barbed concertinas twined ’round my naked heart.

Within bald cypress domes, silence swallows the hissing
Interstate; then, a rarity: in silhouette two parliaments of owls—
one barred, one great—lament the eternal fragility of my naked heart.

Who-who-who hurt you so?
Who-who broke your naked heart?

Header photograph © Olivier Schopfer.

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