Portrait of Late Morning

Portrait of Late Morning

Portrait of Late Morning 1671 1084 Andrew Hahn

He penciled my face, the bones of a wounded
fawn, a replica of a photo
from our first morning together,
bed-headed and crusty-eyed. I cover my lips
with a mug because I hate
the way one of my teeth folds into the darkness
of my mouth.
On a late summer morning while French-
pressing coffee in the nude, the knit
blanket draped over his broad shoulders,
I tell him I found the portrait.
He says, “I’m not going to keep working
on it. I don’t like how you turned out.”
Outside, a dandelion thins
under the breath of a child.
A doe stands at the edge
of the forest and flees at the slamming
of a car door.

Header photograph © Madeline Mecca.

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