Loving June

Loving June

Loving June 3950 2962 Motunrayo Adeneye

Let the world know
to whom i belong,
for my eyes are hers
and there lies her beauty,
she is as dazzling as the moon,
brighter like the morning star,
her voice reminds me of a beautiful nightingale,
her eyes glittered so as her smiles,
the smoothness of her skin like that of an electric fish,
mellowed under a tender light.
let the world know
to whom i belong,
for her love is enchanting
and there lies the beauty,
of the caresses and kisses under the moonlight,
and the gentle touch throughout the night,
the sweetness of her lips over mine like the taste of red wine,
of the alarm raising of her heart between her breasts,
in her embrace i lost myself.

Header photograph © Jason D. Ramsey.

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