June 3rd, 1857

June 3rd, 1857

June 3rd, 1857 1920 1280 E'carg Deshawn

the tangy musk of human nature;

we adorn it so hypocritically,

can you see it?

when taboo vessels sway to and fro

tight in the maw of confederalism,

in a muzzle of southern gusts,

can you see?

onyx pendulums on guilty arms of wood,

let them twirl in a noose grip and droop vampirically,

and the marrow of their being drawn and suckled upon,

for lust of tortured black[cursed] wails,

[cursed]black misfortune,

black[cursed] death

can you see, now?

the black oblivion cut in the white sheets,

& thick bodies of rope that strangle the wrist

that suck the strength from the roots of the skin

can you see, now?

the sun shine n’ pierce the smog kicked up by them sheeted horses,

like a freshly drawn arrow of a determined archer,

and we stand, afraid n’ waitin’, hands bled,

& hope —

can the sun still shine on’na bronze skin

and rebeautify a scene so ugly & cursed[black]?

Header photograph © S. Schirl Smith.

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