Images of Divinity

Images of Divinity

Images of Divinity 1328 889 Lindsay D'Andrea

we need a god who sits behind a keyboard
in a dive bar every tuesday    wearing a glittery blue
button-down shirt    to roast the patrons and regulars
no one exempt from wit but never subjected to fury
we need a god who makes space for plovers over tourists
who understands sex is a sin only when taken by force
we need a god who reads poems at stoplights    we need
a god who won’t let us disappear     become ghosts
in each other’s arms before our time    we need a god
in uniform who makes the seventeen-year-old girl
get out of the steamy car    walk with him
to the back   point the flashlight away    say
are you okay    even if she doesn’t want to hear it
in that moment    even if she doesn’t understand    are you here
of your own free will      is this the place you have come
for no other reason than you wanted it    you and no one else

Header photograph © Lesley-Anne Evans.

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