History Wasn’t So Long Ago

History Wasn’t So Long Ago

History Wasn’t So Long Ago 1125 1600 Brielle Epoh

Issue No.11: “History Wasn’t So Long Ago”

“These four gentlemen are complete strangers to one another, and they all share a few things in common but one of those things stand out – They are all the grandchildren of former slaves. Slavery was declared illegal and was abolished as of 1865 but for these men that doesn’t seem so long ago. The youngest one in the group who just recently celebrated his 71st birthday can recall some pretty horrific stories told to him by his grandmother, who was only 6 at the time it ended. The rest of the men also share a very similar experience. They along with their grandparents and the generation in between also lived through the rise of the Jim Crow Era. However, unlike their relatives, they were able to see it come to an end. America has come a long way but there is still much work to be done. For me, this was a reminder that history wasn’t so long ago.”

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