Funeral Meats

Funeral Meats

Funeral Meats 1920 1186 Kyla Houbolt

I remember the terribly delicate spread
put on for the family by the Presbyterian Women
before my mother’s funeral.

I remember the pink tablecloth and the linen

I remember hearing
my cousin arrive from another state
with my elderly aunt
and struggling to change her shoes
in the hallway before entering.

They had put us in a very small room
where there were no windows.
We were served
small mounds of chilled salads.
There might have been
pimento cheese.
I could not eat.

(At some funerals they will place food
in the mourners’ mouths
despite crying
and wanting to follow
instead of eat.
But we are too polite
for that.)

I am in a small leaky boat.

The sea
is an upside down mirror.

Header photograph © Sarah Huels.

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