Fabula 1920 1280 Mane Hovhannisyan

“Fabula” is a cycle that shows different kinds of interaction between humans, objects and places. I’ve engaged with the issue of transition from three different points of view. First, there are changeable roles between humans and objects. I have tried to catch and intensify the moments, when the people seem to become totems, and the objects seem enlivened. Further, there is a transition from one place to another, as I’ve shot the same couple in two different apartments – in Germany and in Armenia. I’ve focused in particular on the state of being in-between and on the capacity of my protagonists to live in two different worlds simultaneously. Last, I’ve tried to show the passage from the inner world to the outer world, and vice versa. The story of “Fabula” was realized between 2017 and 2019. The idea was born in 2017, as I was a guest of an artist couple in Kürten, Germany. The first series of shooting was done at their home, and lasted only one day. The second shooting is done with the same couple in Armenia, in the atmospheric flat of cinema critique Ch. Yuzbashyan, where they lived. The photos are ordered to allow the observer to “read” the story in both directions – from the beginning and from the end. The middle part of the cycle is the connecting point between two beginnings. — Mane Hovhannisyan


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