elegy for young ghosts

elegy for young ghosts

elegy for young ghosts 1920 1285 Michael Ace

Because we live in this side of the world where everything we touch dies
And everything that touches us survives us with our own ghosts

Because you’re little deities craving the love your country could not afford
This place we call home has never being a refuge, but rather Golgotha

Because God will not do the works of men, or be damned for our own ills
So even while we pray, he knows too well, understands the place of duty

Because death too does not have eye for beauty and colour
That which often leave flowers at the heart of fire when trees burn

Because we’re sands: gravel and clay, and someday we will return to earth
We just do not know how, when and where our fares were paid

Because we will sit out in the cold, at night, mourning your departure
Green memories do not bring back the dead, they only ease the pain

Because we look so long at the sky, and we believe in sermons of near end
But we do not know how long heaven will wait; it’s not ours to decide

Because you left home that morning for school, hoping you would return
And while we waited, your building crumbled and tore you to hundred pieces

Because you left too soon, you could not even wait for your sixth birthday.
It’s your interment service, and the night is dark, the world panics

Because the smallest coffins are the heaviest

Header photograph © Skye Savage.

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