Short Fiction

Buried in the Ground

Buried in the Ground 2500 1406 L.N. Holmes

There are few things your dad can do that will surprise you, but sending your cat back to the shelter and claiming to bury a bunch of money in the…

The Halfway House

The Halfway House 1920 1280 Emma Sloley

This man, Tom Goodnough, looked guilty as he slunk along, but that was how he always looked even when he’d done nothing wrong. His facial features didn’t help: flatline of…


Grounded 1920 1409 Katherine Tweedle

I’m thirteen years old when I first press my index finger to the back of my throat. My stomach lurches and I heave, expelling a stream of sour, stinking bile.…


Sister 2500 1406 Ian S. Wilson

I’ve spent my whole life dying.  I’ve lived a life like I was dying.  I’ve been dying to meet the right person, I’ve been dying to be something, I’ve been…


Samaritan 640 396 Heidi Turner

The first boy I slept with called it my “Jesus scar.” It’s on my side, on my “natural waist.” The scar itself is about half inch around and puckered in.…


Rattle 1920 1440 Julie Rea

I taped flyers to the maple trees that lined both sides of the street. Your gap-toothed smile stared back at me, crooked school tie, and favourite pink bow. I only had one…

This boy saw something in fire

This boy saw something in fire 1920 1440 Afopefoluwa Ojo

October 13th, 1966 Carl Wisconsin c/o Nipost 711 Nulla St. Mankato Mississippi Dear Carl, I found your address in the name-change section of a foreign newspaper. But asides the section…

What We Talked About the Last Time We Talked About Anything

What We Talked About the Last Time We Talked About Anything 2500 1406 Meeah Williams

Across a tiny white square of table, your friend Joanie is slowly dying, although neither of you is supposed to know that just yet. She is wearing an exultant silk…

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