Short Fiction.


Hurt 1000 750 Chimeka Garricks

Your mother starts crying when Dami turns up for his funeral. He is fashionably late. You expect this. You also expect him to overdo his entrance, but you are still…


Stains 3872 2592 Meagan Lucas

Between contractions, Annabelle watched the shadows flicker across the ceiling. Candles were impractical for an event such as this, but the electricity had gone out yet again, and the Morrison…

Everything Beautiful

Everything Beautiful 2500 1667 Jeremy Lane

Open your eyes and gather yourself. Understand your surroundings. Witness the beauty of what’s been created and understand the depth of the Aspen roots, constantly moving further into the heart…

The Red Curtain

The Red Curtain 955 619 Kevin McManus

James Madigan got out of the car and looked around. To his right he could see the imprints left where children had frolicked and carved out snow angels. The hollows…

Coming Home

Coming Home 3264 2448 Laure Van Rensburg

Three hours and ten minutes before I can leave. Outside, it’s your favourite time of day. Those early hours that neither truly belong to night nor day when the upper…

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