brwn frnd

brwn frnd 3462 2390 Ikem Ukeka

my friend and i come from two different backgrounds, but we’re always matching with the same almond tinted skin – she’s a bit warmer though, just like her personality. my…


blue 1920 1440 Ikem Ukeka

i know her eyes are blue, but the hue is hard to detect except for the emotions i feel when i see large bodies of water, apprehension gets a hold…

the Point

the Point 1920 1155 Ikem Ukeka

three weeks of practicum too many hours passed at one Point my patients were oft very weak; so we did our therapy on the beach, where we spent hours rebuilding…

At the Threshold of Carnal Anxiety

At the Threshold of Carnal Anxiety 1920 1006 Z.M. Wise

Falling through broken trapdoors, this oubliette lets me glimpse at the light that was promised centuries ago. Tapestries of nobility hung over the clouds of dust in an attempt to…

Between Dreaming

Between Dreaming 1920 1283 Ray Ball

I lie. I lay awake with a fig in my belly. I am hungry still for the lies we tell each other. Sweet fruit. I lie with whispers into your…

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