Issue No.9 Flash Fiction

When I Was House-Like, Inside

When I Was House-Like, Inside 1920 1440 Roppotucha Greenberg

When the house burns down, big trucks will take us to the shelter in the city. I think of the lodgers’ bare feet on the gravel, but I can’t imagine…

Someone to Stay

Someone to Stay 1920 1440 Marisa Crane

Remy, wondering how she’s both drunk and hungover, rolls out of bed and opens her underwear drawer. She gazes at the beautiful sapphire egg, which seems to have grown overnight.…

The Lighthouse in the Lake

The Lighthouse in the Lake 1920 1440 Nora Pace

There is a lighthouse underwater in Lake Pontchartrain, and if you just submerge your head you can see the gleam, misty green and hazy, of its light. It does beckon,…

A Tug or Two

A Tug or Two 1920 1914 Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

I’m pouring syrup on my pecan waffle when I feel someone pull my hair. This little baby girl, in a child seat behind me at the restaurant, is drawing my…


Dragonkin 1920 1439 Will Gilmer

Our house was a menagerie of the past sifted through other people’s hands. Victorian bed rails leaned against BB dented soda pop signs while stacks of newspapers rose stalagmite strong…


Star-Crossed 1920 1164 Jennifer Dickinson

The receptionist led Iris into Dr. Moore’s office. Dr. Moore was running late.  Iris settled against the sofa and practiced her question, in her head, the way she’d practiced it…

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