Issue No.9 Fiction

Petals of the Yellow Dahlia

Petals of the Yellow Dahlia 1920 1225 Norman Belanger

Early light creeps in, silent as a thief, to steal across tangled sheets. I watch, jealous of its caress on your skin. I watch it reclaim the curve of your…

What Happens on Sundays

What Happens on Sundays 1200 1600 Ope Adedeji

The first day of the week comes with colour. Pale green school uniforms and oversized grey office suits are ditched for colour: subtle and screeching colours. It’s too much colour:…


Pepper 1920 1440 Sheldon Lee Compton

A dedicated fan would have recognized the smacking sound right away. It cracked across the trailer court at about two seconds intervals. Crack, one, two. Crack, one, two. But Lulie Tate…


MUH 1920 1080 Bill Suboski

It was a cool fall morning, before a cold winter, when I stood beside little Billy Wilson waiting for the bus at the stop at the corner of Fourth and…

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping 1920 1440 Whitney Curry Wimbish

Nola went shopping even when her pantry was full, as it was today. Down aisle 13, the store-brand aisle. Ignored by other shoppers, but not Nola. The corporation still used…

Application for a Restraining Order

Application for a Restraining Order 1200 1600 Anne Rasmussen

Mr. Peanut likes it rough. He wants to strangle me, but without leaving a mark, no telltale bruising, no garroting gash lipsticked across my pale throat. Once the swelling goes…

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