Issue No.9 Creative Nonfiction

The Weight of Oars

The Weight of Oars 1920 1280 Ann Kathryn Kelly

My brother Sean and I had a routine the summer we spent in hospital waiting rooms. He’d pull his laptop from a bag and work his way through a stack…

To Be Held

To Be Held 1920 1440 Jen Rouse

The first time I sat at the sand table was a lot like every time I sat across from her, unable to let anything out.  My body so tightly clenched…


(re)Naming 1920 1280 Anna Vangala Jones

I. Loud. Bubbly. Enthusiastic. Confidence in the love of all those around won’t create any other qualities. My name, Kalpana, full of meaning and chosen by parents wanting, waiting for…

Sphecius Speciosus

Sphecius Speciosus 1620 1080 Robbie Maakestad

The infestation originated in my friend Peter’s front yard the summer before I entered fourth grade. Peter was two and a half years younger than me—exactly between me and my…

Socks in a Tree

Socks in a Tree 1620 1080 Kevin Stadt

I come home from work to find every sock I own hanging in the branches of a tree in the back yard. No one seems to be home. I call out,…

Band Practice

Band Practice 1920 1440 Ashley Jones

Behind me, an array of trumpets blew out of tune. Saxophones squealed and clarinets hummed in disarray. The clicking sounds of cases, opened by calloused hands, filled the classroom. Warm…

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