Issue No.8 Poetry

Suppose I Turn the Heat on Myself

Suppose I Turn the Heat on Myself 1920 1280 Jessie Janeshek

Header photograph © Andrew Hall.

Night Bus to Kaduna

Night Bus to Kaduna 1920 1080 Adedayo Agarau

I hate stillness: the driver and the bus are moving the woman beside me rocks her daughter in her chest. A cold night-sky empty with light as if perpetuating a…

If I Wasn’t

If I Wasn’t 1920 1080 Emma Mary Currans

I swear, if I could run to you, smiling and shouting, waving both arms and trying to flag your fading belief down, I would be out there now, calling across…

Ocotillo Worship

Ocotillo Worship 1920 1080 Jane M. Fleming

Header photograph © Marybeth Cohowicz DeYoung.

storm surge, florida 2006

storm surge, florida 2006 1777 1000 Lucas Peel

Header photograph © J. Bish.

June 3rd, 1857

June 3rd, 1857 1920 1280 E'carg Deshawn

the tangy musk of human nature; we adorn it so hypocritically, can you see it? when taboo vessels sway to and fro tight in the maw of confederalism, in a…


Hook 1920 1440 Troy Varvel

My father always gave fighters the first punch. And he would take it, the fist to his nose, before pinning them to the ground. He had to be pried off…

I see my father look both ways before crossing the street

I see my father look both ways before crossing the street 1920 1440 Karthik Sethuraman

every dream is the same dream at first touch we are ourselves on the other side of the train ten paces from the foothills stopped to smell the jasmine bent…


Pruitt-Igoe 1920 1280 Holly Salvatore

Make me a high rise under the guise of equality make me a project torn down long ago under the guise of equality make me a mound of broken windows…

The Deputy and His Partner

The Deputy and His Partner 1920 1280 Courtney O'Banion Smith

paddled up our driveway, our personal Noahs in yellow rain slickers and straw Stetsons, because only our porch light was on. Bags of dirt barricaded the door. Do you need…

hurricane I

hurricane I 1920 1920 Jenna Velez

Header photograph © Marybeth Cohowicz DeYoung.

Barrels of Fruit

Barrels of Fruit 1920 1280 Caroline Plasket

At the grocery store, labels indicating their country of origin. This part is the joy; a celebration where the children put the confetti into the cart. Rows and rows of…


Migrant 1920 1422 Mandy Macdonald

(Amaranthus tricolor) six white eggs in a pair of brown hands across a garden wall our Barbadian neighbour smiling welcome the day we moved in in their little yard his…


heritage 1920 1280 Bára Hladíková

I. her heritage from here or heavens a heretic hernia herding her heredity hearse II. collage collection collocation of collagen is it collateral ? a college collar collision or a…

The Sticker

The Sticker 1920 1440 Iain Twiddy

He said Let’s put a sticker on the streetlight — one of the ’85 ones no one would swap, the streetlight that stood right by the silver birch, pale as…

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