Issue No.8 Flash Fiction

The Cure

The Cure 1920 1080 Vicki Addesso

The last time I saw him, it was two years ago, late on a Saturday night. A bunch of us were home from college for Thanksgiving weekend. I was standing…


Tengku 1920 1280 DS Levy

This afternoon, Tengku dangles a stick. Some days, it’s a rag or a cardboard box—environmental enrichment. His interest in these objects appeases the keepers and gets a good rise out…

The Leftovers

The Leftovers 1920 1583 Monica Nathan

I asked my mother if the leg once belonged to a baby. She was standing at her kitchen counter hacking it to pieces, the marbled meat falling away from the…


Helium 1920 1080 Steve Young

By 7:30, a posse of kids had cut loose the helium balloons. They floated up to the high ceilings and hung belly to belly, their tethers dangling just out of…

Things My Brother Once Said

Things My Brother Once Said 1920 1242 Kip Hanson

My feet dangle, scuff the cracked dirt below. Clots of red dust cling to my faded Supergirl socks, impeding her flight. I swing, and swing, the once comfortable arc of…

When We Get There We’ll Be Here

When We Get There We’ll Be Here 1920 1280 Ben Slotky

Brady asks if it’s his birthday yet and I say no because it isn’t. We talk about this a lot, about what he wants for his birthday. There are lists…

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