Issue No.8 Fiction


Andy 1920 1280 Amelia Cotter

Jayne sat home alone on a Saturday night, staring at the television, trying to laugh or at least crack a smile, making the effort to indulge in what was happening…

Red Means Go

Red Means Go 1920 1200 Steve Gergley

Adam sat beside Cass in a silver Toyota in the back of the CVS parking lot, his internal organs sheathed in frost, his thin body sore and shivering, his nose…

You Don’t Have To Feel It

You Don’t Have To Feel It 1900 1267 Sara Hills

The first time Mama told us she was dead, we didn’t believe her. It was Saturday morning, beginning of summer vacation, and Jezzy and me were staging the ultimate battle…

Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Breath 1920 1317 Kelle Schillaci Clarke

  “Fill your lower body,” she says, though I can’t actually see our yoga instructor over all the bent bodies filling the small, hot room as she cues up an…

The Virgins

The Virgins 1920 1280 Rebecca Moon Ruark

He has revealed his supernatural truth to a near stranger. Now, in the aftermath, he and she stand in awkward silence, poolside. “Maybe it’s the Virgin,” she says finally as…

Dear Alena May

Dear Alena May 1920 1200 Rob DelVecchio

The light from the window shifts now, from black to navy, to the pale blue of dawn. My eyes are bleary, no sleep again and I hear my wife Liz…

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